Quality is the key to business success. ITP's quality assurance from the very beginning right to the end includes 3-phase quality check of component compliance at the beginning, assembling supervision during production and Pre-shipment inspection after production. Our stringent quality control service as below will apply to guarantee the quality of clients' purchase to the best.
Step 1: Prior Production Check (PPC)
Pre-Production check to make sure the food, packing materials, labels for the mass production comply with the BOM of previously sent sample before the production commencement
Step 2: In-process Production Inspection (IPI)
In-process inspections assures the correct assembling and eliminate all the possible errors in the production process and hence reduces the failure rate to a minimum for the final random sampling inspection, Namely, Pre-Shipment Inspection.
Step 3: Pre-Shipment Inspection
As the final check of the goods before departure, Pre-Shipment Inspections serves as the final guard for the quality and assures the quality to the maximum
Delivery & Logistic Management

Step 1: In-progress Delivery management:Delivery is critical to all clients especially in respect to those ongoing projects. We aim to control delivery from the start of order placing rather than wait until it's already in the middle of production. We refer to this approach as the In-Progress management and expediting. Monitoring the production process requires on-the-spot presence to reduce the risk of substandard quality, and to ensure that other aspects of contractual obligations are met. The earlier possible execution shortcomings are detected the better in order to initiate timely corrective actions.
To accomplish this, we will have our professional staff watchfully check the production progress against the production plan and find any hidden issues behind the screen. Shop visits and meetings with shop manager will be conducted when potential delay becomes suspicious. Intermediary reports will also be sent to our clients to keep them informed about the production progress relative to the delivery terms.
The advantages of our In-progress management and expediting are: 
  • Take corrective actions at an early stage of production 
  • Reduction of Final Random Inspection failure risk 
  • Identification of possible delays
  • No need for the client to be on-the-spot 
  • Tailor-made to your requirements 
  • Take corrective actions before production is finished 
Step 4: Packing and Shipping Documentation
ITP works with you to deliver your products wherever and whenever you need them. We can get involved from product boxing and loading at shop up to vessel booking and all possible coordination with all the tedious paperwork prepared upfront and product tracking afterward until the goods' safety and punctual arrival. Every goods movement status will be recorded in our tracking system for review and check. In a word, we will manage your whole logistic procedure from shop right to your desired destination both on-time and on-budget.
Transportation: ITP assures the goods' timely arrival by participating in every aspect of the goods move right from the shop to destination. Here we go:
  • Our tracking system tells exactly the goods status at different times and this will be reported to our clients from time to time.
  • Our staff will assist in choosing carriers from the perspective of both price and service as well as meeting procedural requirements for international shipments
  • We are able to manage transportation in the most cost efficient manner from shop or regional port to desired destination.
  • Port handling, customs clearance, Insurance Handling
  • Packing and Shipping Documentation
  • Theoretically, documents are prepared by suppliers and logistic companies. However based on our past experiences in business, valuable time were being wasted when paper works go back and forth between customs bureau, logistic company and suppliers due to incorrect or incompletion of the document provided. We have found that it's critical to have experienced staff enforce all the necessary document preparation to avoid nonsense delay, especially the ones below
  • Proper packing to meet both our client's requirements and import country's environmental requirements.
  • Proper shipping document preparing to meet customs clearance requirement on both export and import sides
  • Obtain necessary certificate in time prior shipping. 
  • Product Management
As a professional sourcing service provider, ITP is able to develop a product as you need. This is one of our highlighted services. Our aim is to translate your conceptual ideas into a product and tailor-make what you want.
We start by listening to our customers and find out what they want by studying their design. Even an idea sparkle can be shared with us and possibly be translated into a product. We encourage you to do so as we believe in our clients' insight for a good market hitter and we can just make that happen.
Communication is of great important in this process. The more input we can get from our clients, the better the product turns out to be for your market.


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